free Downloads: Volcano Box 1.9.6 tool full setup

 full setup 
1- Very Very Easy to use & User Friendly Gui 
2- Displyed Allmost All Things on Front 
3- Replace All hidden options on Main
4- Added more than 40 Skins. Dark & Light mix 
5- Detect Button Always on Stop 
6- Blue icon on right Top for Capture Screen shot 
7- Red icon on right top for Imei option Enable or Disable 
8- Click on Cpu & OS for hide or display Cpu bar 
9- Assitant Bar added for usefull tools 
10- Alcatel Flash tools at right bar 
11- MTK Platform under Alcatel Flash tool ( for MTK Alcatel phones ) 
12- MTK android platform V2.0 at right bar 
13- MTK android platform v1.04 at right bar
14- MTK Android platform V1.12 at right bar
15- CDMA Tool V1.0 at right bar
16- Samsung Code Reader at right bar 
17- Huawei Modems ( New Security ) at right bar 
18- Huawei Modems ( Old Security ) at right bar 
19- Huawei U series unlock at right bar 
20- Huawei G series unlock at right bar 
21- SonyErcsson Tools at right bar 
22- Imei Generator at right bar 
23- Eagle eye at right bar
24- Oscilloscope at right bar 
25- Skin Changer at left bottom corner 
26- Android tool at left bar
27- Mtk at left bar
28- Spd at left bar
29- Coolsand at left bar
30- Samsung Tool at left bar
31- Mstar at left bar
32- Adb tools at left bar
33- Ad at left bar
34- Ad_3G at left bar
35- anyka at left bar
36- infineion at left bar
37- Philips at left bar
38- SI4909 at left bar
39- Sky at left bar
40- Ti at left bar
41- ZTE at left bar
42- Click on Menu for Reconnect box 
43- Click on Menu for System Self-Test
44- Click on Menu for Advance Options ( for select Volts etc ) 
45- Click on Menu for Download Latest Drivers
46- Click on Menu for go to Download Area for Download new updates etc 
and lot of other things....  

General Update: 

1- Add new function "Add wireless devices." in new menu "Menu_Media".
2- Add new function "List online mediaplayers." in new menu "Menu_Media".
3- Add new function "Erase all sdcard." in new menu "Menu_Media".
4- Add new function "Play file on mediaplayers." in new menu "Menu_Media".
5- Add new function "Stop file playback on all." in new menu "Menu_Media".
6- Adjust EMMC falsh of MTK Android for "One Key Root".
7- Add new flashes for MTK Android MTK6572
8- Solved SPD6531 Format Bug 
9- Add new flashes for MTK Android MTK6577
10- Add new flashes for MTK Android MTK 6589



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